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1900 W MacArthur St, Shawnee, OK 74804
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Art & Nature in Health and Wellness: A Professional Certificate | Retreat
Instructor: Art Therapist, Dr. Madeline Rugh
Sunday July 31 - August 6
Ages 18 and up

Session 3: World Soul | An in-depth immersion in the sacred dimensions of art and nature. Expanding our “imaginal tracking” skills of heart-based perception and synaesthetic listening. Each day will consist of conversation from world wisdom traditions, indigenous wisdom, ecopsychology, heartmath, biology and neuropsychology. Followed by arts-based explorations of the concepts and ideas discussed. Art experiences include; story sticks, speaking stones, totemic pieces and veil painting and more! Week Long, Sunday July 31st – Saturday August 6th, Monday – Friday Sessions 9am – 5pm at the Pecos Monastery, New Mexico

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